Friday, June 5, 2009

Things that Make me Happy

I asked you all what makes you happy, but I never actually told you about the things that make me happy. So, I've written a handy dandy list in no particular order. Enjoy and have a fabulous weekend!

I love not knowing what's going to happen. I love the spontaneity of life and having the freedom to go anywhere or do anything you want, even if it's just for the day. Sometimes I take my freedom too far and need to be rescued, but that's part of the fun!

My next big adventure... I hope.
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I love the feeling of the sun on my face. This is especially true after a long stretch of cold weather. I also love being able to wear flip flops every day and putting all my winter clothes away.

Good food
I love eating. Food can satisfy you in ways that nobody ever could. I take equal pleasure in healthy light fare as I do in richer, more extravagant courses. Good food is particularly enjoyable when you've made it yourself or after a long day of strenuous activity.

Strawberry ice cream... my favorite!
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The Busty Baker}

I was born a fish. For the longest time, I pretended that I was the Little Mermaid and I would splash around anywhere I could find-- the bathtub, our local pool, and of course the ocean. After that, I swam for several years and played water polo. Needless to say, there's something about the water that calls to me. I enjoy most water activities, but sometimes, all I need to be happy is simply to sit on the sand and stare at that massive expanse.

I'm generally a happy person, but my moods can vary drastically. Sometimes certain songs hit me in such a way that I get goosebumps up and down my arms and tears in my eyes. Music is that powerful. It can move me when I'm not feeling particularly sentimental, pump me up even when I'm completely fatigued, and also comfort me when I'm sad.Listen to 23 by Jimmy Eat World (or Jem's cover of Yellow) and you'll know what I mean.

I'm known for quoting movies at the randomest of times. This is one of the ways I interact with my siblings. We watch a movie over and over until we know every line by heart, then we proceed to spend the next years spouting the same lines back to each other. I crack up every time. If anybody ever wanted to gain my friendship, just quote something from Old School, Wedding Crashers, or even movies like Matilda and Titanic.

Along those same lines, I love books. I love getting inside of somebody else's head and being transported to other places. When I read, I feel like I know the main character better than anyone else. For just a few hours I can get out of my head and be somebody else-- experience their joys, sorrows, and loves.

Gorgeous scrapbook filled with all kinds of lovely things, I'm sure.
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I'm not an adrenaline junkie, but I love the kick. I love driving fast and boarding in fresh powder down a mountain I've never tackled. I love the feeling when you catch that wave or feel the air whip against your cheeks when you're riding a bike. I love the post-workout high I get after my kickboxing class-- the feeling that I can do anything (or at the very least kick some major butt), and I love the excitement that comes from standing in the middle of a crowded arena waiting for the opening band to play.

My family and friends
I love being surrounded by the people I love (if this were in order, I think this would be at the top of my list). They know exactly what mood I'm in just by looking at me. They can calm me down or pump me up. I can go on adventures with my friends or just hang out in my PJs. Family to me means comfort and security.

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