Wednesday, May 27, 2009

What gives meaning to your life?

Last night I worked on my novel for a couple hours and didn't even feel the time fly by. The wonderful thing about writing for me is that it never feels like work. Somehow, my fingers fly over my keyboard as I think and before I know it, I have several pages completed. Sometimes what I write makes absolutely no sense to anyone but me, and other times it comes out exactly the way I intended it to, but at the end of the day it's something that I created. When I write, everything is peaceful. My head no longer thinks in multiple directions, and I completely tune everything out until it's just me, my thoughts, and my computer. I've always felt this way when I read, but somehow I never realized just how much I enjoyed writing until recently. I've kept variations of a journal since I was about eight years old, and writing has always helped me get past some hard things in my life and yet I never considered it as my life path.

In this scene in The Notebook, Noah asks Allie what she does for her and she tells Noah that she paints because the world gets quiet when she has a paintbrush in her hand.
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When I was little, I would constantly change my mind about what I wanted to be when I grew up. One day I wanted to be a doctor, the next a marine biologist, the next a lawyer, and so on. This indecision was a constant hassle for me, especially when I reached college and I knew that I had to decide on something soon. Even when I'd finally chosen a major, I still felt drawn to all kinds of classes and so I became a dabbler in subjects like oceanography, history, design, Spanish literature, philosophy, even negotiation. However, I spent much of my college career writing for our newspaper and it was there that I learned so much about different writing styles, editing processes, and picking interesting subjects. My articles ranged in topics and even though I highly enjoyed journalism, I decided that it wasn't the career for me when I realized just how constricted so many journalists are in their path. I wanted to write about what I like and not be told what I should write, otherwise it was just a job.

Upon graduating, I took a job that I still have and that I love. Although my official job is to do marketing, the company is small enough that I have the flexibility to work in a lot of different areas-- one of which is writing for the blog. I pick my topics, I write, I post pretty pictures, and then it's done. However, I still felt as if I was missing something. Maybe this was because I still didn't know what my purpose in life was since I liked so many different things. I decided to really think about this seriously and so I thought about the things I liked, my passions, my interests, and I realized that my answer was staring me in the face all along. I liked to write. Even though I like different subjects and my interests range from the mundane to the intellectual, writing has always been a way that I've combined my likes. If one day I'm feeling passionately about patient rights, I can write about the subject and hopefully gain supporters for my cause. If the next day I want to talk about a great movie I just watched or a great concert I attended, then writing offers me a way to tell others about it too. That's why I started this blog and why I've decided to pursue my writing more seriously-- it gives my life some meaning and helps me make sense of all my thoughts.

So tell me, what is your life purpose or what gives meaning to your life? When does your world get quiet?

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