Friday, May 29, 2009

Happy Birthday Daddy!

My dad is 48 years old tomorrow and we're celebrating by going to Lake Tahoe this weekend!

Me and my daddy in Tahoe this winter!

I'm such a huge fan of Tahoe! My family goes at least 4 times a year (usually more) and whether it's snowing or sunny, we can always find something to do. The rest of the fam is already up there-- they left this morning-- and my brother and I are meeting up with them tomorrow morning. I can't wait!

Tahoe in the summer. Isn't it a beauty?

Tahoe in the winter is equally as gorgeous!

What are you all doing this weekend? Are you having a weekend to wind down, hitting a carnival, spending some time with the family, or something else?

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Who's your style icon?

In case you couldn't guess the reference on my very first post, here's a hint, she's one half of one of the most famous (not to mention controversial) couples in the world. Angelina Jolie is not only my favorite actress, but she is also one of the people I look to when making style choices. She's is absolutely gorgeous and she's grown up quite a bit in the past few years choosing articles that are not only comfortable and versatile, but classy and elegant in a non-pretentious way.

Check out some of her pictures from her time as the face of St. John's. Aren't they gorgeous?

angelina jolie st. john's adsangelina jolie st. john's ads

I love how mischievous she looks here, almost like she's been up to something.

angelina jolie st. john's ads
I love this dress!

angelina jolie st. john's ads
angelina jolie st. john's ads
angelina jolie st. john's ads
angelina jolie st. john's ads
So pensive and moody.

angelina jolie st. john's ads
This reminds me of a scene from Mr. and Mrs. Smith. I'm not sure why.

angelina jolie st. john's ads
This is one of my favorites.

angelina jolie st. john's ads
angelina jolie st. john's ads
angelina jolie st. john's ads
She looks so much like her character in The Changeling here with that hat.

angelina jolie st. john's ads
angelina jolie st. john's ads

I really want to take a picture like this.
It might be the reason why I own so many off-the-shoulder sweaters...

angelina jolie st. john's ads
Reading after a long day of work.
I want to look that glamorous reading in bed!

angelina jolie st. john's ads
angelina jolie st. john's ads
Is it just me or does she look a lot like Julie Newmar here?

angelina jolie st. john's ads
angelina jolie st. john's ads

Now tell me, if you could dress like anyone, who would it be?

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

What gives meaning to your life?

Last night I worked on my novel for a couple hours and didn't even feel the time fly by. The wonderful thing about writing for me is that it never feels like work. Somehow, my fingers fly over my keyboard as I think and before I know it, I have several pages completed. Sometimes what I write makes absolutely no sense to anyone but me, and other times it comes out exactly the way I intended it to, but at the end of the day it's something that I created. When I write, everything is peaceful. My head no longer thinks in multiple directions, and I completely tune everything out until it's just me, my thoughts, and my computer. I've always felt this way when I read, but somehow I never realized just how much I enjoyed writing until recently. I've kept variations of a journal since I was about eight years old, and writing has always helped me get past some hard things in my life and yet I never considered it as my life path.

In this scene in The Notebook, Noah asks Allie what she does for her and she tells Noah that she paints because the world gets quiet when she has a paintbrush in her hand.
{Image from Fanpop}

When I was little, I would constantly change my mind about what I wanted to be when I grew up. One day I wanted to be a doctor, the next a marine biologist, the next a lawyer, and so on. This indecision was a constant hassle for me, especially when I reached college and I knew that I had to decide on something soon. Even when I'd finally chosen a major, I still felt drawn to all kinds of classes and so I became a dabbler in subjects like oceanography, history, design, Spanish literature, philosophy, even negotiation. However, I spent much of my college career writing for our newspaper and it was there that I learned so much about different writing styles, editing processes, and picking interesting subjects. My articles ranged in topics and even though I highly enjoyed journalism, I decided that it wasn't the career for me when I realized just how constricted so many journalists are in their path. I wanted to write about what I like and not be told what I should write, otherwise it was just a job.

Upon graduating, I took a job that I still have and that I love. Although my official job is to do marketing, the company is small enough that I have the flexibility to work in a lot of different areas-- one of which is writing for the blog. I pick my topics, I write, I post pretty pictures, and then it's done. However, I still felt as if I was missing something. Maybe this was because I still didn't know what my purpose in life was since I liked so many different things. I decided to really think about this seriously and so I thought about the things I liked, my passions, my interests, and I realized that my answer was staring me in the face all along. I liked to write. Even though I like different subjects and my interests range from the mundane to the intellectual, writing has always been a way that I've combined my likes. If one day I'm feeling passionately about patient rights, I can write about the subject and hopefully gain supporters for my cause. If the next day I want to talk about a great movie I just watched or a great concert I attended, then writing offers me a way to tell others about it too. That's why I started this blog and why I've decided to pursue my writing more seriously-- it gives my life some meaning and helps me make sense of all my thoughts.

So tell me, what is your life purpose or what gives meaning to your life? When does your world get quiet?

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

What do you think of patient rights?

I debated writing about this topic because I'm not sure how political I want to get on my blog, but I feel very strongly about this issue and so I need to say something.

How many of you have heard about the 13 year old Minnesota boy who refused chemo and later tried to run away with his mom? It's been all over the news, here's a link from Yahoo news. Basically this boy had Hodgkins Lymphoma. Doctors claim that he can be cured if he undergoes chemotherapy, but the boy and his parents would rather go with alternative treatments to the cancer. They are involved through some court proceedings where the judge was supposed to rule over what should happen to the boy-- the state was even threatening to remove him from his home. As a result, the boy and his mom fled the state, but have now returned because they threatened her arrest.

Now, I just read that the judge ruled that the boy should see an oncologist and follow the treatment that they deem is best and of course the parents are agreeing to this because they don't want their son to be sent to a foster home.

I don't know how many of you have every dealt with cancer before, but someone very close to me died from it some years ago. Many of us live with the notion that we have complete freedom over our bodies and can choose what is done to them. We also like to think that as long as we are loving parents, our kids will be granted those same rights and freedoms. However, that's not always the case. If you're affected by cancer, you're free to do what you will as long as it follows procedure-- mainly surgery, chemo, or radiation. That's it! There are so many other alternative treatments out there and yet so many people don't have access to them because 1) health insurance won't cover it, 2) doctors won't approve them for the procedure, or 3) judges and social workers threaten to take your kids away if you don't follow the rules. Other times, patients are told that as long as they undergo chemo and radiation first, then they can use their alternative treatment, but by then it's too late-- almost like adding sugar to a cake after it's been baked!

I know what you're thinking, and I'm not proposing that everybody be forced to undergo alternative treatments. Obviously they are called alternative treatments for a reason, but the reason why having a choice is so crucial is because it's your body or your child's body. Chemotherapy and radiation are horrible treatments that do terrible things to your body-- some of the so-called side-effects make the quality of life worse than it would be with the cancer alone and often times the patients still die from cancer that has mutated (and thus become stronger than the chemo) and spread to other parts of the body.

Look, I don't propose to be an expert on this topic, but I do know that everybody should have a choice. With so many options out there, why should a mother resort to running away just so that her child can get the treatment that she thinks is best for him? What good is it to do all this research on different cancer treatments and spend millions of dollars every year on it, when many of these treatments will never be used by the people who most desperately need them?

My next post will hopefully be about something happier, but tell me what are your thoughts on this case?

What are your goals for the summer?

I think that starting a blog the day before memorial day weekend might have been a mistake, since clearly I didn't blog for the entire weekend! I meant to, but somehow time caught up with me!

The weekend: Friday, I headed up to the city to hang out with my old college roomie. We had a great time that night, although Saturday we definitely slept in and then did nothing but lay around, drive, and eat. Ha! Actually we drove around SF, and then drove down to MV so that I could grab some stuff, and then drove down to Santa Cruz. The weather was a bit crummy, but I was so happy to be at the beach! Sunday, I came back to MV and spent the day with my mom, then yesterday I went on a cleaning and mini shopping binge. I completely organized my closet after almost a year of living at my apartment, and bought some new goodies for the living room. I absolutely LOVE home decorating! Oh, and I watched a Star Wars movie marathon on MTV. I'm kind of on love with Han Solo, not gonna lie!

How can you not love that face?

Overall, it was a BUSY weekend, but pretty much exactly what I needed. I had so much me-time, it was ridiculous, and now I feel ready to be social again!

Other stuff: One of the reasons that I started this blog is to keep me on track with some of the things I want to accomplish, so I'm including some of my goals, just to keep me honest!

Personal: I just bought the book Style Statement and so far am really enjoying it. It asks you a series of questions to come up with your own personal 2 word style statement that conveys the essence of you. I'd like to finish this within the next couple weeks. Can't wait to see what I am!

Wonderful book! Carrie & Danielle are geniuses!

Body: I finally got into a workout routine again! This was pretty difficult to start, but now that I've started, it's become habitual. I've been going between 3-4 days a week, and I lost about 10 pounds since I started. I'd like to step it up a bit. I'm already doing a kickboxing class once a week, and I'm thinking about buying a workout video like Jillian Michaels' 30 Day Shred (which I've heard wonders about) to do once a week as well. My goal is to lose another 10 pounds, which should get me to my weight when I started college. I really want to maintain that weight and also keep the healthy lifestyle I've adopted (minus my splurge this weekend), so even if it takes a few months to do this, I think it would be better than losing it all at once just to gain it again!

Will she whip me into shape?

Mind: I've always loved writing, and I've decided that I want to pursue this more. It's something that always makes me feel happier once I've done it, and so I think that having all these creative outlets might help. I'm already blogging for my company blog, and this one is for me to say the more personal stuff. I'm also working on a novel-- I have about 20 pages written, which is a pretty big accomplishment I think. I won't say too much more about this, but my goal is to write a little bit every day and hopefully finish by the end of the summer.

How great is this writing space? Image from Decor Amor

So, these are some of my big summer (and life) goals. Wish me luck and tell me, what are some of your goals for the summer?

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Hello World!

I've decided to start blogging... publicly.

Why you ask?

Well, many times I feel like I have so much stuff going on in my head and writing is the only way that I can logically look at everything. I've been blogging for myself for years-- I guess they were more like online diaries-- but oftentimes, these stories are the same ones I end up telling everybody else anyway. Also, sometimes there are things I'm dying to share with someone, and what better way than through my own blog?

As for my blog name, it actually makes reference to two different things. The first is a reference to my favorite actress (guess who that is!), and the second is a reference to the fact that I like to live my life as if there were no borders, no rules, and no limitations. Sometimes that tends to be difficult, like when I want to take a month-long (or even week-long) vacation in South America, but I have no time off available from work, but I try to make the most of it.

So, a little bit about myself. I am a 23 year old recent college graduate. I've had a passport since I was only about a month old, and so I have definitely got the travel bug bad! I'm a huge book nerd (which shouldn't come as a shock if I told you where I went to college) and one of my favorite places in the world is the beach-- anywhere.

Me enjoying the beach. :)

I'm very social and can usually be found with a smile on my face, but I love having plenty of alone-time to recharge my batteries. I love food and especially baking yummy things. I also adore my family and can't go too long without seeing them. I also really enjoy movies-- particularly comedies of the Old School/ Wedding Crashers variety and you can usually find me quoting obscure movie lines from said movies (which usually leads to me ending up in fits of giggles to the extreme confusion of my more mature friends). So, that's me in a nutshell! I'm looking forward to posting much more later!

In the meantime, tell me a little about yourself!